A Delicate Balance


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Running time
84 minutes

Exempt from classification.
This film can be watched by anyone and does not contain graphic images.

PAL is the region coding for all countries except the US & Canada which is NTSC (with a few exceptions). For more details, go to PAL or NTSC.

1. Introduction
2. Opening titles
3. The Human Body
4. Selling Sickness
5. Facts
6. Protein
7. Harvard
8. The China Study
9. Carcinogens
10. Cancer
11. Dairy
12. Do We Have a Cure of Cancer?
13. Cholesterol
14. Vitamin D Connection
15. Cancer increase
16. John McDougall MB
17. Heart Disease
18. Impotence
19. Auto-immune Diseases
20. Osteoporosis
21. Michael Gregor MD
22. Calcium supplements
23. Fish
24. Agriculture/Environment
25. Deforestation
26. Methane
27. Meat Consumption
28. Water
29. Fossil Fuels
30. Oceans
31. Robots vs Humans
32. Addiction
33. There is Hope
34. End titles


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