A Delicate Balance
Dr. Michael Greger

Michael_GregerMichael Greger, M.D., is a physician and Director of Public Health and Animal Agriculture at the Humane Society of the United States. He is an internationally recognised speaker on a number of important public health and social justice issues. He is also the author of Carbophobia: The Scary Truth Behind America's Low Carb Craze and Heart Failure: Diary of a Third Year Medical Student, and he has contributed to a number of other books on nutrition and food safety issues.

In addition to debating the National Cattlemen's Beef Association Director before the FDA, Dr. Greger was invited as an expert witness to defend Oprah Winfrey in the infamous "meat defamation trial."

He is a graduate of the Cornell University School of Agriculture and the Tufts University School of Medicine.

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