A Delicate Balance
Maneka Gandhi

Maneka_GandhiManeka Gandhi is doing for the animals of India what Mahatma Gandhi did for the people. She is one of India's most forthright and remarkable figures. She is a leading environmentalist, animal activist and a crusader for vegetarianism. She is a vegan, as well as an author, political commentator, columnist, television and radio personality. She has been called a foe of corruption and is the energetic founder of India's leading animal advocacy group, People for Animals. Maneka Gandhi's life has been steeped in politics. Her husband, tragically killed in an air accident, was the son of Indira Gandhi. Maneka's son Varun has followed her and his grandmother into public life, and many speculate that he will one day be Prime Minister.

As a government minister, Maneka was often quoted on subjects that most others in public life dared not address. Ultimately, her outspokenness in condemning the biomedical industry cost her dearly and she was discharged from her ministry position. Undeterred and unapologetic, she continues her crusade against the biomedical community. She is interested in writing, animal rights and welfare, environmental protection and the study of law. She loves reading and gardening in her spare time. Her most recent project has been to produce cruelty-free ahimsa peace silk and she runs 22 animal shelters throughout India together with her sister and many animal lovers.

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