A Delicate Balance

Three years in the making, A Delicate Balance is a succinct production featuring candid interviews with some of the world's leading experts (including mainstream researchers, doctors, nutritionists, cattle ranchers,environmentalists and politicians) from Harvard to Cornell to Tufts.

Nominated for Best Unreleased Documentary by the Australian Film Critics Association this film is a must-see for everyone concerned about their health or the environment.

A Delicate Balance predominantly explores the effects of animal protein on the human body and the environment and will help you make informed choices to reduce your personal impact.

your health

Disease has been escalating over the last 50 years resulting in 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women being diagnosed with cancer.
Every person today has been touched or will be touched by the loss of a loved one to illness and premature death.
In a time when modern medicine and science have made such enormous advancements, why is this so?
Why are you three times more likely to die of colon cancer if you eat meat?
Why don't our medical schools teach doctors about nutrition?

This documentary will leave you fully informed as to some of the causes of chronic diseases and offers ways of improving human health.

your world

There are many ways of reducing our impact upon climate change.
How is meat production causing water shortage, starvation and poverty?
Do you know where your food comes from and what impact it is having on the world?

This documentary identifies the effects of animal agriculture upon the environment.


A Delicate Balance was made in order to help reduce the unnecessary loss of human life, to reduce the
suffering of animals across the planet and to help empower people to make environmental change.

Life is a delicate balance - and we can tip the scales in our favour

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