A Delicate Balance
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A Delicate Balance

 Thank you for watching A Delicate Balance. A lot of time, effort and financial commitments have been invested in making this philm 3 years in the making and 3 years (and counting) in the distribution (getting it out the the people) stage. I have invested my life into this philm and ask that you consider giving back in some small or big way. Here are some ways you could contribute: 

Donate to the movie with a direct financial gift. We are working on a number of translations and can use all the support we can get.  

Connect with us on our Social network pages

Tweet about us, make a status about the film (tagging our page) this all helps. 

Encourage your friends particularly on Facebook to 'like' the page etc Tell your friends about the film in a quick email.  buy the ebook

Purchase a DVD ! or host a screening even if it is just for a few friends or your close family members.

If you are part of a non-profit (or just an individual activist) contact us about acquiring a license to produce and sell the DVD and support both our works.

Download one of our banners on your website or suggest a website you visit to add it.  

Here are some more creative ways to help spread the word:

Get a white tshirt and use a texter or something similar and design a tshirt about the film, add the website, make it creative and fun! print out little cards/leaflets (just email us and we will send you some out) and put it around your neighborhood/library/bulletin boards and the like. Remember to ask if you can put them up first! Talk to random strangers about the film!  (kids ask you parents first) 

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